The beginning

From the disinterested will of a group of personalities, citizens, experts, academic, thinkers, creative, philosophers, evangelists, consultant, pioneers, visionaries, etc. involved in professional or solidary missions in a wide range of projects and whose know-how and human values (ethical, moral and social) guarantee the needs of transparency and credibility for complex and naturally long processes.

Who are we?

Among ZGSC members, we can find personalities and names with proven experience and know-how in a wide range of areas and fields in Portugal and around the world. The credibility of the platform is the most powerful element to promote the work and actions for a better future.


Our vision

A global movement based in Portugal with the main purpose to spread and promote awareness and information about ideas, technology, urbanism, creativeness, and thinking (philosophical, anthropological and sociological) through cities and communities.


A platform that questions, points and tries to solve problems and challenges that, each and every day, are becoming more and more complex and visible. But solutions for these problems sometimes are not instant and can’t be disconnected from reality just through marketing and propaganda. Most of the challenges need to be solved in a solid, intelligent and sustainable way.


ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES ASSOCIATION wants to bring light to decision-makers and citizens, opening new paths, sustainable and adjustable, to what are each city and communities natural limitations, protecting the social and economic fabrics so that results may be visible and clear to everyone, through solid and strategic foundations for future generations.





We help cities, companies and all kind of organizations to work with new concepts related to smart cities. We develop inclusive Action Plans and Roadmaps with very objective goals for each case. We produce the time matrix and look for financing resources that can guarantee a solid and intelligent execution.


Before taking a step forward to a complex adventure in any area should be a priority to find projections and scenarios as well as data and nuclear information that support the decision making and contribute to the project success in a sustainable, balanced and solid way.



We produce and curate content to a very exclusive and demanding audience promoting awareness and distributing knowledge through the best practices and real success cases though we also need to point out the pains, pitfalls and bad examples.


Our members are recognized and worldwide renowned not only for their CV but especially for the works they’ve been developing for years in the most diverse areas. A Smart City is not exclusively technology but already touching to all social and economic  sectors, so you can rely on ZGSC expert’s to add value to your projects.


We only have ‘individual’ associates and, in the case of smart cities, it’s important to guarantee transparency and credibility in the consultancy proposals respecting the most valuable foundations for the future results of the planned investments.

Events & Inspirantion

We promote some of the most inspiring events related to Smart Cities and we can bring some of the best keynotes and speakers directly to your community in innovative models that fit your strategy and purpose. We promote debates, workshops, seminars, and conferences in all smart cities topics directed to specific audience or general. We partner with other events around the world.

Project Management

We take care of the management and organize all the process related to smart cities in any part of the globe. Our multidisciplinary teams focused on collective goals will work to achieve the best results not only for the present project but to keep it running for the future along with the city administration and other stakeholders.

Creativeness & Innovation

Without ideas, it gets hard to do anything. We are the ideal partners to search - together with other stakeholders and partners – for disruptive, innovative and creative ideas to develop new processes or improve the current ones matching each city needs and challenges.



Knowledge & Experience

Idealmente, em qualquer ramo de atividade, todos os projetos devem ser executados por equipas competentes e conhecedoras das matérias em questão.

Em Smart Cities, e tratando-se cada vez mais de uma área transdisciplinar, é urgente garantir que tem os melhores ao seu serviço, uma equipa que dê garantias de que algo tão importante como a promoção do desenvolvimento e bem estar das suas populações ou satisfação dos seus clientes, utentes e, como não podia deixar de ser, cidadãos.

Transparency & Reliability

As an Association that incudes impendent and individual professional consultants there is a public commitment to not get undue profits, neither the exploitation of any resources or abuse of charges and public offices, to keep our activity totally transparent and focused on the main purpose to promote the social and economic progress with ethics and other intangible human values.


We base our actions in ethical and moral values, references that society should let not fall or even hide otherwise next generations can be compromised and lost for increasingly materialistic and individualistic behaviors. In a time where the majority of the debate and discussions about the Future in the Cities are oriented to the technology, artificial intelligence (AI) and other mainstream topics, we want to focus in an alternative path with a balanced approach to create strategies and execute the plans to build real intelligent cities for the future.




Where we are


1600-148 LISBOA

Our phone nr.

+351 919 308 533

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